Finding your Voice as a Storyteller: My Ode to Podcasting

How a Lifelong Mainer Made Global Connections

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Podcasting has changed my life because it has allowed me to reach an audience all around the world. After the first week of launching my show, I heard from a little 4-year-old boy named Charlie from Australia. He requested that I write a story about a Dinosaur that does yoga. I mean how cool is that?!!! I told Charlie that it was a brilliant idea for a story and that is his story to write someday. Instead, I wrote a story called a Dinosaur in a Toy Store and I named the toy store owner Charlie after this little boy. So because of podcasting, I am interacting with my audience and we are being inspired by each other to create great ideas for stories!

How it all Began- Once Upon a Podcast…

I decided to launch a children’s story podcast when I decided to self-publish my books. I wanted to find an authentic way to promote my work and get my name out there as a storyteller. Starting a children’s story podcast seemed like it would be a great way to achieve this. I first recorded a demo episode of my story “Fly Home Birdie” back in November 2016. I borrowed a friends mic and used GarageBand on my computer. Then I sent my demo out to all of my friends who had little kiddos. The response was overwhelming. One friend, in particular, said, “My kid want’s to listen to this over and over again can you please make some more episodes so I can at least hear something new?” That really validated my idea.story spectacular logo png.png

Fast-forward a couple years and at the time that I am writing these words, I have recorded 100 episodes of my podcast Story Spectacular.

Podcasting has been a great outlet for me to perform in tandem with writing and illustrating books. The two projects complement each other creatively and reinforce one another when it comes to marketing.

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Here are Just a Few of the Many Benefits of Podcasting:

  • Cast a wider net. By podcasting, I have been able to reach an audience from all around the world. I am showcasing my storytelling abilities and promoting my books.
  • Test out stories on the show. I love getting to vet my stories first and get a feel for the audience’s response before I decide whether or not to develop them into a book. I am constantly being surprised by which stories get the most downloads. My most popular book, The Shape Escape, began as a podcast episode. I received so many positive responses, that I decided to turn that story into a book.
  • You will connect with other creatives. Since launching my podcast, I have connected with fellow podcasters from all around the world. I have collaborated and guested on other shows in addition to my own. It has been such a great tool for networking and promoting my work in a way that feels genuine.

Guest on Other Shows

Even if you don’t launch a podcast of your own, it is a great idea to be a guest on other podcasts. You can share your personal journey to becoming an author and reach an audience all around the world.


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